maandag 6 november 2017

Holiday Stars online show 10 t/m 13 November

10 till the 13th of November there is the Holiday Stars online show from Bright Star Promotions.
Maya my classic design is our leading bear for this show

Miraberen is participating with a lot of colourful designs and we also have  two realistic bear designs you can adopt.

So it would be great if you can make some time free to have a look at our beautiful bears.
Maybe you find the bear that makes you smile.

woensdag 1 november 2017

Update Grey Langur project

I  am collecting photos who will give me a good picture of the body construction and body language of a grey langur monkey.

And with the help of the measurments in my monkey book i am calculating how big my patterens has to be for a full size grey langur monkey

I start making my first body sample from normal fabric , i think somewhere  this week.

vrijdag 13 oktober 2017

Next Monkey project - Grey Langur -

My next monkey project will be a Grey Langur.
A Monkey that lives from the tropical rainforest all the way up till the Himalaya, and is worshiped by Hindus.

Thi monkey spend most of his time on the ground and therefor has a different body type than my previous monkey designs
So this will me a huge challenge for me, you can believe me
I already started with collecting photos who will give me a good picture of the body construction and body language.
After i have enough photos i will start with the first attempt to make the patterns.
You see i have a lot of work to do this week 

vrijdag 29 september 2017

Tabitha, the little meerkat girl

Tabitha is the little sister of my meerkat Tobias.

Tabitha loves beautiful things and she likes to dress up, like most girls

Tabitha is about 32 centimeter tall in standing position.
She is made from a light brown mohair that is shade with different colours of brown to provide the typical meerkat fur

Tabitha has black german glass eyes with eyelids made from leather band, the eyes are shade so that she has the typical Meerkat eyes
Here  nose is made from black fimo clay and she  has wiskers
Here nails are also made from black fimo clay.

Tabitha is four way jointed, in here upperarms she has wire so that she can bend here arms, in the legs and tail, she has a skelet so that she can be very flexibel and can be put in all sort of position.
Tabitha stands with the hep of her tail

She is filled with synthetic fabric and little steel pellets.

Tabitha is a one of a Mirabeer Meerkat, handmade and he comes with a certificate.

If you are interested in adopting Tabitha, please send me a e-mail

Adoption fee 125 Euro ( excl shipping)

zaterdag 26 augustus 2017

Nairo the little Spidermonkey

Hello i am Nairo, the little Peruvian Spidermonkey

Nairo is 20 centimeter from his head till the beginning of his tail, his tail is 43 centimeter long.

Nairo has black german glas eyes and  arround the eyes i have made pink accents.
His nose and mouth are made from apoxy clay that is painted in dark grey.

The inners ears are made from light pink mini fabric and the outside of the ears are made from white Long Pile and have the characteristic pointed shape of a spidermonkey.

The body of Nairo is made from Long Pile fabric in the colours of a Peruvian spidermonkey, and is shadowed so that the colours blend in too each other.
The soles of his feet are made from dark yellow suede, sculpted and shaded.

Nairo has lockline in his legs and from his head till the beginning of his tail, in the rest of his tail he has steel wire that he also has in his little fingers and dumb.

You can put Nairo with the help of his tail in all sort of directions, because of the wire in his feet he can clamb objects like a real money

Nairo is 4 way jointed and filled with synthetic fabric, not too firm so that he is keeping his mobility.

Nairo is looking for a  new home where he can be a little naughty monkey and where he is getting a lot of hugs.

If you are interested in adopting Nairo,  you can send me a e-mail

AdoptionFee 125 Euro (excl Shipping)

vrijdag 18 augustus 2017

Bo -the Flower Girl-

Bo is a realistic bear Design and is 30 centimeter tall in sitting position

She is made from light beige Alpaka, her paw pads are made from dark brown suede and sculpted for a more realist look
Her big eyes are from black german glass eyes and she has a black nose made from apoxy clay.
She has a open mouth with a little pink tongue.

In her hair she has three  two tonned orange gardenia flowers decorated with smal orange ribbon
On her neck she has a glas charm with a butterfly .

Bo has lockline from her head till her tail and in her arms and legs, this gives her the possibilty to be flexibel  so that she can bend her arm and legs and can be put in al sort of positions.
She is four way jointed and filled with synthetic fabric, not too stiff so that she stays flexibel.

Bo is looking for a new home where she can get a lot of cuddles and love.

If you are interested in adopting Bo, please send me a e-mail

AdoptionFee 175 Euro  (exclusief Shipping costs)

zondag 9 juli 2017

URSA Awards 2017

This year i  am participating with the URSA awards with two of my creations.

Nico in category 10

 Halloween in category 9.

I hope you will support me with your vote, please use the underneath link to send your votes for the URSA 2017!!
Thank you and a lots of hugs